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9월 후쿠오카 가이드

Introducing the lesser-known yet appealing places in Fukuoka is always our pleasure. In this issue, we guide you to three spots you might not have heard of in Nijo, Itoshima. One is even called “The Hideaway,” and it’s the area’s first ocean-view campsite. We know good noodles too, and this month we recommend Mankai’s new shop on Oyafuko-dori, especially their tomato & tonkotsu fusion number. Curious about locally brewed nihonshu? Visit Sake no Kyushu under Hakata Station and for coffee brewed using the nel drip method, Coffee Bimi is the only place to go. Is that a salad or a sample of a salad? Not at The City Bakery in the basement of Solaria Plaza! Their salads are meals onto themselves. And the bread? Mmmmm, some of the best in town. Hojoya, the biggest autumn festival, begins on Sep. 12—don’t miss it and we’ve got deets on that and listings for other events this month in print and even more online. Rugby World Cup is next month—check back for specials!

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The City Bakery(시티 베이커리) – Gourmet

커피 비미 – Cafe

만카이 텐진 오야후코도오리점 – Noodle

사케노 큐슈 – Bar

Itoshima Now! September 2019 – Feature

아시아 첫 럭비 월드컵 – Feature

9월 24일~30일은, 결핵 예방 주간입니다

1,100주년 기념 하코자키구 호죠야 2019


아트 페어 아시아 후쿠오카 2019

27th Sunset Live 2019 -Love & Unity-

제17회 쿠루메 야키토리 페스티벌

아시아 포커스 후쿠오카 국제영화제 2019

나카스 재즈 2019

큐슈 비어페스티벌 2019 후쿠오카

The Creators 2019

마츠리 아일랜드 큐슈

Fukuoka City
Published: Aug 29, 2019 / Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019

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